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What is Trouble Shooting?

Consulting is an expertise on a wide range of issues. Tasks: analyze the issue and propose a solution. People and business turn to consultants when they need special knowledge and experience, fresh ideas, independent opinion on the issue. Consulting focuses on the problem or issue, offers the best solutions and the right vector. My advantages as a consultant are the guarantee of the result. I am directly interested in the applicability of my solutions. Otherwise, I will refund the money.

Trouble shooting — solving problems to achieve a specific goal. Tasks: defining a goal, collecting information, predicting obstacles, methods for eliminating them, deep analysis of the data obtained, making the most profitable solution to the problem. Business often turns to troubleshooters when company managers cannot cope with the task. Unlike consulting, troubleshooting focuses on the final goals and how to achieve them. In the process of work, the troubleshooter collects and analyzes the necessary information, puts forward hypotheses, organizes data, finds non-standard solutions, can also organize business processes and influence the staff.

I provide services as a consultant and troubleshooter, depending on tasks. The main goal is a result that will satisfy the needs of the customer. Full confidentiality and a responsible approach is guaranteed. If the task is not completed, I will return the money for my services. To get started, you just need to contact me in any convenient way and ask a question of interest.