Trustee | Departure of a specialist | Гарант Обязательств


What can you entrust to the guarantor?

In life, we are faced with situations when a reliable person is needed to carry out a responsible assignment. In such cases, you can contact me. As a guarantor, having experience in many spheres of life and business, I can represent the interests of the customer. You can delegate your problems to a trusted person, excluding your personal presence, but maintaining complete control over the situation and the decisions you make. For example, you decide to purchase a piece of land in another region. At the moment, making a choice is uncomfortable for you. You instruct the guarantor to select a site, check the seller and documents, inspect, photograph the site. If you make a purchase decision, then the authorized person will prepare all the necessary documents for the transaction. After the purchase, all stages of construction can also be controlled by the guarantor, providing you with a complete photo and video report.

Choosing the service of a trusted person, you significantly save your own time and effort. It is enough to set the task, and I will take care of the rest.