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What it is?

In the current era of capitalism and consumption, people’s priorities have shifted towards satisfying needs and material goods. Often, various decisions are made based on their own benefit, without considering the morality and rights of other parties. In fact, it all comes down to one goal — money enrichment by any means: deception, forgery, scam. Honesty has become the exception, not the rule. The growing shortage of reliable people and partners prompted me to create a guarantor service several years ago. It has been a year since I reached a wide audience so that my services would become available to everyone. «Guarantor of Obligations» is a service for people and business that provides services in all types of consulting, solving problems and safe transactions, in which only one person acts as a guarantor. Shurygin Artem is a guarantor who can be trusted.


My name is Artem Shurygin, was born in 1992 in Balakovo, Saratov region. At the age of 12 I mooved to Moscow for further study. Graduated from Secondary School No. 26 with honors. Entered the Biological Faculty of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov by the Olympiad. After the first year, I passed the entrance exams at Oxford University and continued to study at SCE in Edinburgh, Great Britain. Graduated from VTU as a civil engineer, received a second degree in Civil Law. More than 10 years of work experience in various fields: services, HoReCa, construction, real estate, logistics, wholesale and retail trade, including import and export of consumer goods, consulting. I am interested in sport, traveling, radio-controlled equipment, musical instruments. I am married, have three children.


«Guarantor of Obligations» is a service for people and business. It is based on the reputation of Shurygin Artem as a guarantor who can be trusted. The main tasks: reliable assistance in minimizing risks in the execution of any transactions, high-quality support on emerging acute issues, finding a solution using all available intellectual and material resources, acting as a trustee. Cooperation is based on an oral agreement or with the conclusion of two-, tripartite agreements, discussion of all the nuances, performance of work, payment for services in cash or non-cash with the transfer of closing documents.


Гарант сервис. Безопасная сделка. Артем Шурыгин.

Secure deal

Any transactions for the provision of services and sales. The service «Guarantor of Obligations» acts as an intermediary in the transfer of funds or barter exchange, monitoring the observance of the rights and obligations of the parties to the transaction. The guarantor service undertakes the execution of all necessary agreements and contracts, acts as an independent expert, acts in the interests of both parties, acts as arbitration if necessary, charges a commission of 1-3% of the transaction amount for its services only if the transaction is successfully completed.


Консультации. Консалтинг. Траблшутинг.

Trouble shooting

Provision of all types of consulting services: business consulting, strategic planning, analytics, forecasting, financial and personnel consulting, consulting individuals on any issue in writing and orally forms. An independent opinion of a specialist to resolve the issue with the involvement of highly specialized experts, if necessary, providing a final report, presentation. Hourly pay for consultant work.


Доверенное лицо. Личное присутствие гаранта.


The physical presence of the guarantor to represent the interests and control the observance of the rights of the customer, to solve the problem. Performing an important assignment where you need a reliable person with knowledge in various fields. Long-term management of the customer’s affairs with full respect for the chain of command and confidentiality Formation of periodic reports and coordination of controversial issues. Work anywhere in the world. Communication in Russian and English. The cost of the service is negotiated individually.



  • low commission — 1-3%;
  • transparency of work (one person is always the guarantor);
  • the officiality of the guarantor (registered as an individual paying professional income tax);
  • the versatility of the service (from buying a game account to purchasing real estate);
  • cthe commission for the services of the guarantor is charged only if the transaction is successfully completed;
  • round-the-clock operation;
  • work with all currencies and payment systems, including cryptocurrencies.


  • conclusion of contracts for all services of the «Guarantor of Obligations»;
  • provision of up-to-date personal data and documents
  • round-the-clock communication by phone and messengers +7 (977) 50-33-543;
  • positive feedback of the work and cooperation with the service;
  • verified accounts in payment systems and messengers;
  • the possibility of a personal meeting with the guarantor;
  • the possibility of conducting a trial or stage-by-stage safe transaction;
  • discussion of your wishes for additional guarantees.


  • the parties agree to conduct the transaction through the guarantor service;
  • the guarantor of the transaction is transferred the goods or funds of one party;
  • the other party fulfills its obligations;
  • upon successful completion of the transaction, the guarantor transfers money or goods to the second party, withholding a commission;
  • in case of a failed transaction, the guarantor returns money or goods to the first party without deducting a commission.


  • in any convenient way, the customer contacts the guarantor;
  • sets a task, describes a problem or asks a question;
  • the guarantor analyzes the information received and assesses his competence in this matter;
  • the customer signs a contract for the provision of consulting services and pays their cost
  • in a convenient way, the guarantor provides all the necessary information, a solution to the problem.


I understand perfectly well that the best advertisement is a recommendation. Therefore, reviews are important for any service. However, you must understand that I am bound by a non-disclosure agreement with each customer. The review is a voluntary action, so I am grateful to every customer who took the time to write it.

consulting on strategic business development​

representation of customer interests, organization of business processes​

management consulting, implementation of proposed solutions


Moscow, Michurinsky prospekt, d. 27, bldg. 2

Artem Shurygin

+7 (977) 50-33-543

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